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Happy Feet Jamaica

Dedicated to provide shoes for those that have no soles.

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Change a child's life forever with a shoe donation.

HappyFeetJA is a children's charity, providing shoes for lower income families that are finding it hard to provide this basic necessity. At HappyFeetJA we work with hundreds of children to help change their lives.

Be a good samaritan to those who need us most, Donate a pair of shoes to HappyFeetJA.


Give a child the gift of a shoe today.

Happy Kids at Play

Increased self confidence

Happy Life

Increased self confidence



1. An act or instance of presenting something as a gift, grant, or contribution.

2. A gift, as to a fund; contribution.text

List of items received so far and distribution

Items Received

Items Distributed

59 Shoes

54 Shoes

10 Slippers

10 Slippers

18 Pants

17 Pants

6 Backpacks

6 Backpacks